Sep 22

Hilarious commercials for an Egyptian Cheese company.

Dec 30

Via epicponyz

Sep 26

Hmmm, perhaps not the best title – I’m probably on about 4 different government lists now.  Hopefully the list masters read the rest of this entry.

14 year olds & swimsuit calendars: That’s just wrong.

I was at the Edmonton / Saskatchewan (which, might I add, ended with a glorious victory for the Riders) and there were 14 year old girls selling a provocative calendar of the Esk’s cheerleaders.  I don’t know who thought that was a good idea – use little girls to sell softcore porn.  I’m sure the calendar itself is very lovely, but no one’s going to buy it from a 14 year old girl.  If they do, those people (THOSE PEOPLE I say! List masters – take note) should be on a few government lists.  Just weird.

Now please pardon me – I’m off to see if I can’t find some further pictoral evidence of this calendar…

May 14

Ok, I know it’s after Mother’s Day, but to be honest, this isn’t for my mother (and it shouldn’t be for yours either).  It is however, funny as hell.

Courtesy of DailyMotion

As a corollary: SHAME ON YOU NBC!!!  This is a kick ass clip & you’re stopping most of the world from seeing it because you don’t want to show it outside the US.  Grow up.

Cool new update: NBC can suck it.

Apr 26

I just ran across an article on about the “Georgia Guidestones” – a huge granite monument meant to instruct the survivors of a major worldwide catastrophe on how to rebuild civilization.

It’s probably nothing, but it is a very good, interesting, and mysterious read:

Mar 09

To be honest, longer than I’d realized.  I want to keep this up, but it just seems like so much work.  I know, I know – it’s opening up a frickin’ webpage and typing for 2 minutes.  I didn’t say it was a legitimate excuse did I?

So… what’s new with Dylan….?

I went and saw Watchmen on Saturday.  (Wolfmother just came on my playlist.  Reminds me to tell you that Wolfmother broke up as they don’t like each other any more.  A tragic time for music.  Anyway…).  I wouldn’t say it was awesome – but it just barely misses.  I’d give it a 8.99/10.  8.5 seems to sell it short, and 9…well 9 is a special number reserved for the truly awesome.  I would highly recommend seeing it.  I knew nothing about the story going in and I totally didn’t feel like I was dropped in the middle of a story.  The way the movie is, you’re totally dropped in the middle of this alternate history, but it does a good job of explaining what needs to be explained, and not dwelling on the things that don’t need to be dwelt on.  (Is ‘dwelt’ a word?  Ah no – I think I meant to write “dwelled”.  Ah well – I’ve gone too far now).

In other news, I made Skittles a few weeks ago for my good friend Michelle’s 25th birthday.  Sadly, I can’t claim it was an original idea – I just followed this guy lady’s instructions(Gordon Lightfoot just came on my playlist – that man is a freakin’ legend.  A Canadian icon – like beaver (um.. I mean the beaver), love of maple syrup, or general dislike of Americans – though the odd one shines through as alright).


I made 50 ounces of the stuff.  The lime was best, the red (calling it cherry is a bit of an insult to cherries everywhere) was a sugary punch to the face followed by a vodka-y kick to the nuts.

Recent music purchase: Alex Bartlett, Dyor – Floating Beyond (Lange Remix).  I didn’t care a whole lot for the other mixes, but Lange does a really great job of building a momentum with the subtle background tones, then carrying that same momentum with the vocals.  It kind of feels like the vocals get a running start.  Click the link to listen to the track on Beatport.

And finally: $4.29 for a bag of chips!! For shame Mac’s.  For shame.

Feb 24

One of the things I might start doing (notice how I say “might” – great way to build excitement without actually committing to anything), is posting links to cool/funny stuff I find online. I go through tons of links each day, figured I’d get some traffic out of ‘em too.

With all that hype, I’ve only got one link:

A Polish soldier who liked to drink beer & wrestle.  Oh – he was a bear too, did I forget to mention that?  Wait…what?

May 18

Holy hell do I hate the theme engine in WordPress. It’s touted as the best thing since sliced bread – but those touters are probably designers & not people who know how to code properly.

I should probably hold my tounge, as the problem I’m having is with my theme – but my theme shouldn’t be able to control which plugins work – I’m still blaming that on WordPress.

Below is some PHP code that is supposed to be displayed all nicely like – it is in the Default theme, but not in my custom theme. I’ll keep it in place so if I play around in the future, I’ll have something to check up on.

function GeshiTest($saywhat)
  if(strlen($saywhat) == 0)
    echo "This is crap";
    echo $saywhat;
May 10

So, I just watched a commercial for some weather announcer in the states. The commercial itself wasn’t too interesting, but they used “Hey Man Nice Shot” by Filter as the music. For those of you who don’t know (& didn’t feel the need to click the very informative Wikipedia link) – it’s a song about suicide. Why they felt it was a good song to announce a weather man, I’m not too sure.

In other news, I saw two very good movies in the last week. Yesterday I saw Speed Racer (again with the link). I’m giving that mofo a 10/10 – I can’t think of a single thing wrong with it. The Wachowski brothers did an absolutely fantastic job. The visuals were all awesome & appropriate & the acting wasn’t hacked. It did a really good job of being a live action cartoon.

I saw Iron Man last Sunday in Edmonton. Again, the visuals were well done – the CG was exceptional – looked really realistic. The acting was also really well done – Robert Downey Jr. really played Tony Stark to a ‘T’. 10/10 for that one too – there’s nothing I can think of that I didn’t like about it.

Mar 25

I recently (yesterday) re-kindled my affection for the music of Oasis.

I’m glad I did & I think you will be too.