Jan 04

I saw Avatar in 3D yesterday.  It was pretty good.  Someone called it “Dances with Smurfs” – and I guess that’s a fair approximation, but there are plenty of differences.

I’d have to say the story was decent – not extremely awesome.  It had heroes & bad guys sure – but nothing amazing.  The visuals, on the other hand, were damn near mind blowing.  The fact that it was in 3D probably helped, but I was continually impressed with the amount of detail that I saw on the screen.  I’d have to say the animation succesfully navigated the uncanny valley, but I could still tell I was looking at animation.  That said, it’s probably the best animation I’ve ever seen.


Mar 20

Found this linked from DesignFloat today.  A cool animation of Little Red Riding Hood, with some cool Swedish music.

Feb 09

Is a comedy genius.  Watch this & I’m sure you’ll agree.

Jan 23

Most of you know I like cats – especially when they do stupid/crazy/funny stuff.  So here’s  a compilation I just watched.

May 10

So, I just watched a commercial for some weather announcer in the states. The commercial itself wasn’t too interesting, but they used “Hey Man Nice Shot” by Filter as the music. For those of you who don’t know (& didn’t feel the need to click the very informative Wikipedia link) – it’s a song about suicide. Why they felt it was a good song to announce a weather man, I’m not too sure.

In other news, I saw two very good movies in the last week. Yesterday I saw Speed Racer (again with the link). I’m giving that mofo a 10/10 – I can’t think of a single thing wrong with it. The Wachowski brothers did an absolutely fantastic job. The visuals were all awesome & appropriate & the acting wasn’t hacked. It did a really good job of being a live action cartoon.

I saw Iron Man last Sunday in Edmonton. Again, the visuals were well done – the CG was exceptional – looked really realistic. The acting was also really well done – Robert Downey Jr. really played Tony Stark to a ‘T’. 10/10 for that one too – there’s nothing I can think of that I didn’t like about it.