Feb 04

Somehow I managed to delete my wordpress installation. That effectively removes any stuff I’ve uploaded, as well as toasting the theme I was using – which I happened to really like.

It’s really starting to piss me off how MediaTemple has no backup solution.

Dec 10

Ask anyone & they’ll say the same.  So why then is society so hypocritical & sexist when it comes to domestic abuse?

Case in point: Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren allegedly beat his ass with a golf club when he crashed his car.  That week, Saturday Night Live had a skit centered around that fact.  In fact, right now it’s the featured clip on the homepage.  Guess how much uproar there was?  Absolutely none.  Everyone thought a woman beating on a man with a metal stick was hilarious.

The Jersey Shore had a clip in their closing credits of a woman getting punched.  As a result, there was a bunch of people on the Internet saying the show was offensive (yes, I know, that doesn’t really count as a news source), sponsors pulled their advertisements, and women’s right activists got all riled up.

Am I the only one that noticed this blatant sexism.  I swear – some days it’s just not worth being part of society.

Sep 28

Jenn got me some athletic socks (the one with really short ankles).  Reading the back of the cardboard, it says “The Starter logo sewed into the upper ensures good quality” (or something to that effect).

Really?  Really Starter?  Your company is so good that even the shape of your logo on socks makes them good?

I think not.

Apr 22

It has stay power.  I can come back to it the next day, or 2 or 3 days later, and it’s still good.

Pesto Shrimp pizza does not share this amazing property.

That is all.  NOW LAUGH!!!



Both pictures courtesy of thechive.com

Mar 12

-36°C to 0°C in 1 day.  I don’t even have a witty comment for that – it speaks for itself.

Oh, and also…


Jan 13

Seriously?  An American politican says she’ll co-operate & play nice with other countries rather than bully them around, and it makes international headline news?  Ya – she’s a real American hero.  A forward thinker like no other.

In other news:

  • A local man pledges to use a spoon while eating soup.
  • A woman in La Paz promises to use water while bathing.
  • Restaurant chains across the nation are enacting policies to stop spit from going in your fries.

One word: holyhell

(To be fair, this basically means she’s saying that she’ll behave like a U.S. Secretary of State should behave.  The absurdity is that it’s news, not that she’s pledging to act properly.)

May 18

Holy hell do I hate the theme engine in WordPress. It’s touted as the best thing since sliced bread – but those touters are probably designers & not people who know how to code properly.

I should probably hold my tounge, as the problem I’m having is with my theme – but my theme shouldn’t be able to control which plugins work – I’m still blaming that on WordPress.

Below is some PHP code that is supposed to be displayed all nicely like – it is in the Default theme, but not in my custom theme. I’ll keep it in place so if I play around in the future, I’ll have something to check up on.

function GeshiTest($saywhat)
  if(strlen($saywhat) == 0)
    echo "This is crap";
    echo $saywhat;
May 15

Or at least the wind. Seriously. When I’m riding my bike south, the wind immediately shifts to blow north. I ride north & it shifts to blow south.

Letters/cheques of tribute can be sent to:

Dylan Anderson
c/o Omnipotence Management Ltd.
#304a, Sub-basement Omega
Awesome Tower
Andersonville, Canada

If you’ve read this far, you probably weren’t swayed to go out & write a fancy letter or a generous check. Well then you’ve probably caught me – there’s an outside chance I may not be able to control the weather. Please don’t ask me to prove it. Wild, fanciful theories work a lot better when they’re untested.

And now a helping of everyone’s favourite captioned animals:





Apr 15

So it’s been a week & my host still hasn’t been able to figure out why they’re the only one’s who can FTP into my account.  They’re starting to blame my ISP for it now, which basically means they’ve run out of ideas.  Consequently, I’m going to cancel my account with them & move to a different host.  I have no idea when that’ll happen or how long it will take. I’m not sure what plan of action I’m suggesting you take – check here daily or wait a month – I’ll leave that up to you.

Jan 28
  1. Go to http://www.google.ca
  2. Type: Find Chuck Norris
  3. Click “I’m Feeling Lucky”


In other news, it’s freakin’ cold outside – -44C or -56C depending on who you ask. In either case, this handy little formula helps:

x < -44 < -56 where x = sensibly cold

…Hmmm, after reading that equation, I feel it doesn’t portray the severity of the cold, or the volume of my response to said cold. So to help clarify: