Jun 07

Here we go:

Ben Watt – Lone Cat (Ben Watt was the non-vocal half of Everything But The Girl)
Spiral Waves – Time Runs Too Fast (Club Mix)
Nic Chagall – Morning Light (Extended Mix)
Underworld – Scribble (Radio Edit) (Their first single of their new album, which looks like it’ll be awesome.  See the video here).
Julian Plenti – Only If You Run (Heard this on Stargate Universe & thought it was cool. Not electronic dance music at all – more alt rock-ish)
Esmaye, Tyler Michaud, Moonbeam – Fantasize (Mat Zo Remix)
Mat Zo – 24 Hours (Rank 1 Remix)
Nalin, Kane – Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix)
Progresia – Sommar

Jun 07

I just (well, an hour ago) finished watching Fox’s new cop comedy The Good Guys. I gotta say – it was hilarious.  I guess the premise is these two guys get stuck with mundane crimes that somehow turn out to be much, much bigger.

The humour is pretty clean too, which isn’t to say I don’t appreciate a good dirty joke, but it’s refreshing to see a show use actual humour rather than resorting to sex/fart/racist jokes.

I thoroughly recommend it.

Jun 01

Best.  Drummer.  Ever.  Just wait for it.  Starts off cheesy as hell, but watch the drummer.  Just watch.