Feb 24

…but it has a point.

Feb 03

Wow – now that I see the list, I bought a lot of music this month.  All good though.

Rank 1 – L.E.D. There Be Light (Extended Mix)
Morgan Page – Strange Condition (Inpetto Vocal Mix)
Moony – I Don’t Know Why (DJ Chus & Jerome Isma-Ae Superdub Mix)
Mike Shiver, Aruna – Everywhere You Are (Duderstadt Vocal Mix)
John O’Callaghan – Striker (Ummet Ozcan Remix)
Orbital – Halcyon (Tom Middleton Re-model)
Dirty Vegas – Pressure (Sultan & Ned Shepard Mix)
Sander Van Doorn, Purple Haze – Bliksem
Robbie Rivera – Closer To The Sun (Inpetto Vocal Mix)
Mat Zo – 24 Hours
P.O.S. – Remember
M.I.K.E. – Massive Motion
16 Bit Lolitas – Cold Energy
La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix) (Not sure where I got this one)
Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over (Saw Adventureland & remembered the song)
Phoenix – 1901 (That song from that car commercial)
Sunlounger feat. Kyler England – Change Your Mind (Myon and Shane 54 Remix)
BT – Every Other Way (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
Breakfast – The Sunlight
Boom Jinx, Andrew Bayer – To The Six
Bent – As You Fall (Guy J Remix)

Feb 03

Edward I of England arrives on the Scottish-English border to conquer the Scots.

He brings 4,000 men with him. As he nears the battlefield there suddenly appears a solitary figure on the crest of the hill. A short, ginger-haired guy in a kilt. ‘Come up here, ya English bastards, and I’ll give ye a hammerin’!’

Edward turns to his commander. ‘Send 20 men to deal with that little Scottish upstart, he says. The commander sends twenty of his best men over the hill to kill the Scotsman.

Ten minutes later, at the crest of the hill, the little Scot appears again. ‘Ya English diddies!’ he yells, ‘Come on the rest of ye!! Come on, I’ll take ye all on!’

Edward is getting somewhat annoyed. He turns to his commander. ‘Send 100 men to kill that little shite!’ The commander sends 100 men Over the hill to do the job.

Ten minutes later, the little Scot appears at the top of the hill once more, his hair all sticking up, his shirt a wee bit torn. ‘Ya English SCUM!’ he yells, ‘I’m just warming up!! Come and get me, Ya English pricks!!’

Edward losses patience, ‘Commander, take 400 men and personally wipe that little bastard off the face of the earth!’ he yells.. The commander gulps, but leads four Hundred men on horseback over the crest of the hill.

Ten minutes later, the little Scotsman is back. His clothing is all torn, his face is covered in blood. ‘Is that the best ye can do??? You’re bloody WUMMIN!!! Come on!! Come and have a go, ya bunch of English pussies!!!’ he yells.

Edward turns to his second in command. ‘Take 1,000 men over that hill and don’t come back till you’ve killed that little red haired bastard!’ he commands. The second in command gathers the men and they ride off over the hill to their fate.

Ten minutes later, one of the English troops appears back at the top of the hill. Covered in blood, his clothes all torn off his back.

‘Your Majesty!’ he yells, ‘It’s a trap!!! There’s two of them!!!’