Dec 30

Via epicponyz

Dec 10

Ask anyone & they’ll say the same.  So why then is society so hypocritical & sexist when it comes to domestic abuse?

Case in point: Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren allegedly beat his ass with a golf club when he crashed his car.  That week, Saturday Night Live had a skit centered around that fact.  In fact, right now it’s the featured clip on the homepage.  Guess how much uproar there was?  Absolutely none.  Everyone thought a woman beating on a man with a metal stick was hilarious.

The Jersey Shore had a clip in their closing credits of a woman getting punched.  As a result, there was a bunch of people on the Internet saying the show was offensive (yes, I know, that doesn’t really count as a news source), sponsors pulled their advertisements, and women’s right activists got all riled up.

Am I the only one that noticed this blatant sexism.  I swear – some days it’s just not worth being part of society.