Sep 26

Hmmm, perhaps not the best title – I’m probably on about 4 different government lists now.  Hopefully the list masters read the rest of this entry.

14 year olds & swimsuit calendars: That’s just wrong.

I was at the Edmonton / Saskatchewan (which, might I add, ended with a glorious victory for the Riders) and there were 14 year old girls selling a provocative calendar of the Esk’s cheerleaders.  I don’t know who thought that was a good idea – use little girls to sell softcore porn.  I’m sure the calendar itself is very lovely, but no one’s going to buy it from a 14 year old girl.  If they do, those people (THOSE PEOPLE I say! List masters – take note) should be on a few government lists.  Just weird.

Now please pardon me – I’m off to see if I can’t find some further pictoral evidence of this calendar…

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