Mar 20

Found this linked from DesignFloat today.  A cool animation of Little Red Riding Hood, with some cool Swedish music.

Mar 12

-36°C to 0°C in 1 day.  I don’t even have a witty comment for that – it speaks for itself.

Oh, and also…


Mar 09



Mar 09

To be honest, longer than I’d realized.  I want to keep this up, but it just seems like so much work.  I know, I know – it’s opening up a frickin’ webpage and typing for 2 minutes.  I didn’t say it was a legitimate excuse did I?

So… what’s new with Dylan….?

I went and saw Watchmen on Saturday.  (Wolfmother just came on my playlist.  Reminds me to tell you that Wolfmother broke up as they don’t like each other any more.  A tragic time for music.  Anyway…).  I wouldn’t say it was awesome – but it just barely misses.  I’d give it a 8.99/10.  8.5 seems to sell it short, and 9…well 9 is a special number reserved for the truly awesome.  I would highly recommend seeing it.  I knew nothing about the story going in and I totally didn’t feel like I was dropped in the middle of a story.  The way the movie is, you’re totally dropped in the middle of this alternate history, but it does a good job of explaining what needs to be explained, and not dwelling on the things that don’t need to be dwelt on.  (Is ‘dwelt’ a word?  Ah no – I think I meant to write “dwelled”.  Ah well – I’ve gone too far now).

In other news, I made Skittles a few weeks ago for my good friend Michelle’s 25th birthday.  Sadly, I can’t claim it was an original idea – I just followed this guy lady’s instructions(Gordon Lightfoot just came on my playlist – that man is a freakin’ legend.  A Canadian icon – like beaver (um.. I mean the beaver), love of maple syrup, or general dislike of Americans – though the odd one shines through as alright).


I made 50 ounces of the stuff.  The lime was best, the red (calling it cherry is a bit of an insult to cherries everywhere) was a sugary punch to the face followed by a vodka-y kick to the nuts.

Recent music purchase: Alex Bartlett, Dyor – Floating Beyond (Lange Remix).  I didn’t care a whole lot for the other mixes, but Lange does a really great job of building a momentum with the subtle background tones, then carrying that same momentum with the vocals.  It kind of feels like the vocals get a running start.  Click the link to listen to the track on Beatport.

And finally: $4.29 for a bag of chips!! For shame Mac’s.  For shame.