Feb 23

I downloaded some cool music recently – thought I would share:

Arkells – Oh, the Boss is Coming!: Good Canadian band.  Well, I’m guessing on that – this is a good song, I can’t speak to the rest.  Good eastern rock – none of this Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds to Mars whiny shiat.
Download it: Arkells - Jackson Square - Oh, the Boss Is Coming!

Ozgur Can, AGS featuring Max Lodin – Music in Passion:  An…interesting song.  Certainly not weird or avante garde or anything, it just seems unique – in the best possible sense of the word.  Like they were trying to convey an emotion through the song, rather than say a particular message.  Vocals are reminiscent of a Brit Pop ballad.  Download/listen at Beatport.

TV On the Radio – Wolf Like Me:  Heard of this band a few months ago – didn’t picture this kind of music at all.  Saw these guys on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back & they really impressed me.  Good rock (almost sound independant) – kind of like The Arcade Fire, but with more…funk? Heart? Download it: TV On the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain - Wolf Like Me

Airwave – Punjabi Child (Eddie Sender Remix): Forget where I heard this one, but it’s a keeper.  Good trance – atmospheric without being obnoxious.  They do a really good job of keeping excitement level up without going over the top.  Download/listen at Beatport.

DJ Eco – American Blues (Martin Roth Edit): From the pair that brought you Mouth Without A Voice and Tonight is Forever.  This continues the string of hits – distinctive piano & strong beats.  Download/listen at Beatport.

Dean Coleman featuring DCLA – I Want You (Andrew Bayer Remix): A catchy tune.  The singer sounds quite a lot like Adam Levine from Maroon 5.  The song’s much less whiney than the average Maroon 5 song though.  Download/listen at Beatport.

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