Feb 24

One of the things I might start doing (notice how I say “might” – great way to build excitement without actually committing to anything), is posting links to cool/funny stuff I find online. I go through tons of links each day, figured I’d get some traffic out of ‘em too.

With all that hype, I’ve only got one link:

A Polish soldier who liked to drink beer & wrestle.  Oh – he was a bear too, did I forget to mention that?  Wait…what?

Feb 23

I downloaded some cool music recently – thought I would share:

Arkells – Oh, the Boss is Coming!: Good Canadian band.  Well, I’m guessing on that – this is a good song, I can’t speak to the rest.  Good eastern rock – none of this Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds to Mars whiny shiat.
Download it: Arkells - Jackson Square - Oh, the Boss Is Coming!

Ozgur Can, AGS featuring Max Lodin – Music in Passion:  An…interesting song.  Certainly not weird or avante garde or anything, it just seems unique – in the best possible sense of the word.  Like they were trying to convey an emotion through the song, rather than say a particular message.  Vocals are reminiscent of a Brit Pop ballad.  Download/listen at Beatport.

TV On the Radio – Wolf Like Me:  Heard of this band a few months ago – didn’t picture this kind of music at all.  Saw these guys on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back & they really impressed me.  Good rock (almost sound independant) – kind of like The Arcade Fire, but with more…funk? Heart? Download it: TV On the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain - Wolf Like Me

Airwave – Punjabi Child (Eddie Sender Remix): Forget where I heard this one, but it’s a keeper.  Good trance – atmospheric without being obnoxious.  They do a really good job of keeping excitement level up without going over the top.  Download/listen at Beatport.

DJ Eco – American Blues (Martin Roth Edit): From the pair that brought you Mouth Without A Voice and Tonight is Forever.  This continues the string of hits – distinctive piano & strong beats.  Download/listen at Beatport.

Dean Coleman featuring DCLA – I Want You (Andrew Bayer Remix): A catchy tune.  The singer sounds quite a lot like Adam Levine from Maroon 5.  The song’s much less whiney than the average Maroon 5 song though.  Download/listen at Beatport.

Feb 18

Walking back from 7-11 just now, I smelled smokey laundry. Like… campfire & Bounce sheets. BEST SMELL EVER.

But then I thought – wait! What if somehow I could make it just have rained. Fresh Rain + Campfire + Bounce sheets = MORE BESTEST SMELL EVER!!

Feb 16

I just got my new helmet today.  $100 CAD shipped & paid for – originally $129.99 USD in-store.  Boo.  Yah.

2008 Giro E2

2008 Giro E2

Feb 13

You intentionally keep a pile of dirty clothes, because if you washed them all you wouldn’t have enough hangers to hang them up.

Feb 09

Is a comedy genius.  Watch this & I’m sure you’ll agree.

Feb 08

I’ve been tagged a couple times on Facebook – something about 25 random things about me that you may or may not know.  Rather than keep up the trail of Facebook notes, I figured I’d just post here.

  1. I love music.  To me, nothing’s better than listening to a song & having chills run down your back, or a tear come to your eye – both have happened to me at some point or another.
  2. I hate learning languages, but am extremely envious of those that can speak multiple languages.  I think it’s cool to be able to switch gears & use a different language.  I am not like that.
  3. I would love to be an artist, but don’t quite have the talent, or the willingness to throw away a good paying job.
  4. Similarly, I would love to be a musician – or at the very least, know how to play an instrument.  I’m currently working on the didgeridoo & the harmonica.
  5. I’d also love to be a club DJ.  A real DJ – not those jokers who blay back-to-back-to-back-to-back hip hop songs because the 19 year old girls like it.  No, a real DJ who plays good music, mixes it together, and gets the club caught up & lost in the music.  Ya – that’d be bitchin’
  6. I consider myself fairly wise.  “Street smart” no, wise, yes.
  7. I’m depressed about where our society & planet.  I look forward to the day when our society reverts back to when women were girly, men were manly, and if you offended someone – well that someone shouldn’t be such a pansy.

Ok, so not 25 – but I think that’s about as good as you’re going to get right now.

Feb 02

I make good nachos.  I don’t need to ask people, I know it to be true.  It’s one of those universal truths like gravity or the Golden Rule.  I’m like the Mahātmā Nacho Maker.  What is the secret of my Nacho Nirvana?  Let me elucidate:

  1. Start with a bowl.  This is important.  Bowls have sides, which allow you to not need to make a heap.  We’ve all been to restaurants with nachos that had a heap of toppings in the middle, but a friggin’ topping desert towards the outside.  Use a bowl.
  2. Lightly coat the bottom with chips.  You don’t want multiple layers of chips because you’ll inevitably get chips with no topping.  Who wants that crap?
  3. Coat the chips with cheese.  Keyword: Coat. Don’t sprinkle, don’t season.  COAT THOSE M*****F******S! More cheese the better because you can then use that cheese as a medium to stick other toppings (see point 4) to chips.
  4. Add other toppings.  Traditionally I just use meat at this stage, but feel free to add anything you don’t mind warmed up.  Tomatoes and jalapeños would work well here.  The important thing is, again, to only go 1 layer deep.
  5. More chips.  Some noobs might put more cheese here – that is a mistake.  We are making a layer cake of nacho-dom.  Each layer needs to be unique & stand on it’s own.  You don’t want to grab 1 chip & have your whole bowl come with it.  Or maybe you do.  If that’s the case please stop reading & leave my website now.  There’s nothing for you here.
  6. Repeat steps 2 – 4 as needed & allowed by the bowl.
  7. Heat.  No super secret here – you want to make the shreds of cheese lose their shape, but not bubble copiously.  Copious bubbling means the cheese is cooking away – and that results in that tough scabby cheese rather than soft gooey.
  8. Eat.  You’re on your own. Unless you want to invite me over for nachos.  An invitation I will gladly accept (assuming I don’t have to fly/drive 101 hours to get to your place).
Feb 02

My friend Adam showed me this video a couple years ago.  He showed me again on Saturday so I thought I’d share it.

WARNING: Not safe for workplaces that don’t allow swearing or funny.