Jan 13

Seriously?  An American politican says she’ll co-operate & play nice with other countries rather than bully them around, and it makes international headline news?  Ya – she’s a real American hero.  A forward thinker like no other.

In other news:

  • A local man pledges to use a spoon while eating soup.
  • A woman in La Paz promises to use water while bathing.
  • Restaurant chains across the nation are enacting policies to stop spit from going in your fries.

One word: holyhell

(To be fair, this basically means she’s saying that she’ll behave like a U.S. Secretary of State should behave.  The absurdity is that it’s news, not that she’s pledging to act properly.)

2 Responses to “BBC: “Clinton pledges to use diplomacy””

  1. The real absurdity is that she really made no statements at all in the hearing in which she was spewing this garbage. Her mouth was moving, and there were words coming out of it, but it really sounded to me like she was saying “Why can’t I be president? I did so much better than Barackamole did on the campaign trail. And I wonder if my fuchsia pantsuit is out of the dry cleaners yet?”

    To be fair though, she did use a lot of political words and managed to not answer almost every question she was asked.

  2. pdan says:

    Hillary’s voice is still like nails on a chalkboard.

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