May 15

Or at least the wind. Seriously. When I’m riding my bike south, the wind immediately shifts to blow north. I ride north & it shifts to blow south.

Letters/cheques of tribute can be sent to:

Dylan Anderson
c/o Omnipotence Management Ltd.
#304a, Sub-basement Omega
Awesome Tower
Andersonville, Canada

If you’ve read this far, you probably weren’t swayed to go out & write a fancy letter or a generous check. Well then you’ve probably caught me – there’s an outside chance I may not be able to control the weather. Please don’t ask me to prove it. Wild, fanciful theories work a lot better when they’re untested.

And now a helping of everyone’s favourite captioned animals:





2 Responses to “I can control the weather”

  1. pdan says:

    “Wild, fanciful theories work a lot better when they’re untested.”
    That sounds like something right out of the Liberal or NDP playbook.

    Oh, and “Kill u till u dy frum it”, – rich.

  2. kristybruce says:

    I can’t control the weather either… yet.

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