May 26

Not a great post – I just have this graphic hanging around work & I’m tired of seeing it in my “Downloads” folder.

This was made way back when the Simpsons’ movie was coming out & there was a “make yourself a Simpson” program available.

So… enjoy.

Me as a simpson

May 18

Holy hell do I hate the theme engine in WordPress. It’s touted as the best thing since sliced bread – but those touters are probably designers & not people who know how to code properly.

I should probably hold my tounge, as the problem I’m having is with my theme – but my theme shouldn’t be able to control which plugins work – I’m still blaming that on WordPress.

Below is some PHP code that is supposed to be displayed all nicely like – it is in the Default theme, but not in my custom theme. I’ll keep it in place so if I play around in the future, I’ll have something to check up on.

function GeshiTest($saywhat)
  if(strlen($saywhat) == 0)
    echo "This is crap";
    echo $saywhat;
May 15

Or at least the wind. Seriously. When I’m riding my bike south, the wind immediately shifts to blow north. I ride north & it shifts to blow south.

Letters/cheques of tribute can be sent to:

Dylan Anderson
c/o Omnipotence Management Ltd.
#304a, Sub-basement Omega
Awesome Tower
Andersonville, Canada

If you’ve read this far, you probably weren’t swayed to go out & write a fancy letter or a generous check. Well then you’ve probably caught me – there’s an outside chance I may not be able to control the weather. Please don’t ask me to prove it. Wild, fanciful theories work a lot better when they’re untested.

And now a helping of everyone’s favourite captioned animals:





May 10

So, I just watched a commercial for some weather announcer in the states. The commercial itself wasn’t too interesting, but they used “Hey Man Nice Shot” by Filter as the music. For those of you who don’t know (& didn’t feel the need to click the very informative Wikipedia link) – it’s a song about suicide. Why they felt it was a good song to announce a weather man, I’m not too sure.

In other news, I saw two very good movies in the last week. Yesterday I saw Speed Racer (again with the link). I’m giving that mofo a 10/10 – I can’t think of a single thing wrong with it. The Wachowski brothers did an absolutely fantastic job. The visuals were all awesome & appropriate & the acting wasn’t hacked. It did a really good job of being a live action cartoon.

I saw Iron Man last Sunday in Edmonton. Again, the visuals were well done – the CG was exceptional – looked really realistic. The acting was also really well done – Robert Downey Jr. really played Tony Stark to a ‘T’. 10/10 for that one too – there’s nothing I can think of that I didn’t like about it.

May 05

But, like chain letters, I’m not going to pass it on.  Oh I’ll participate – make no mistake, but it dies with me. Mwa ha ha.

Anyway, the point is to write 6 random things about yourself – so here they are in no particular order.

  1. Favourite food: Angel Hair Pesto
  2. Favourite colour: Blue
  3. First time I touched a girl & “like” liked it: Grade 6 swim class
  4. Proudest moment: Receiving the most sportsmanlike player award for the second time.  The first time was cool, but the second time really drove the point home.
  5. I dance at home when no one’s looking
  6. I’m much better at doing things for others than for myself
May 01

Well I (with a boat load of Nathan’s help) managed to get my server up & running.  We even have email working – so that’s nice.  I still have a subdomain or two to set up – then I should be good to go.  Now I just need to figure out how to do backups…

Anyway, here’s something funny: