Mar 26

Found these at & had to make them mine.

Cat Grenades

This doesn’t make 100% sense, but it uses the term “Cat Grenades” so come on! I had to put it up


Not a big fan of dogs, but the term “Wharrgarbl” is funny & is the same in any language.

Survival Tracking Guide

(Almost) Anything in pop culture with ninjas is funny.  This is no exception.

Good Times

I got nothin’ for this one.

Who’s Awesome?  You’re Awesome.

Thanks for reading.

2 Responses to “Because they’re funny dammit!”

  1. kristybruce says:

    My time is empty
    As a keg at Lohans;
    Dylan posts seldom.

  2. kristybruce says:

    It’s tomorrow today.

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