Feb 27

For those of you that missed it, here’s a picture I took of the moon last week, during the eclipse. It’s a bit blurry, but I think I did pretty good considering I was using a snow shovel jammed in a snowbank as a monopod.

Feb 16
Go Time!
Feb 14

Simple things are cool – and free!

Curly snow

My in-depth meteorological analysis tells me that this must have happened over a number of the more recent warmer days – each day it melted enough to allow the snow to slide down the handrail just enough for the weight of the snow to curl curl downward, but not break. What we’re looking at is one of those composite curves that’s really made up of a bunch of straight lines.

Phew – science is long-winded.

Feb 13

I’m 1/2 sorry about all the rapid fire posts. Only 1/2 sorry because of all the hordes and hordes (note the exaggeration) of comments I get about the infrequency of my posts. These should do me until about June I figure:

F*cking cinder blocks

Feb 13

For those of you that know me, you’ll know that I love Valentine’s Day – because it’s right around Feb 14th that Sports Illustrated comes out with their Swimsuit Issue. This things like my bible (lowercase b) of the periodical literature world.

Here’s a video of David Letterman interviewing Marissa Miller, this year’s cover model. She’s hot in it, but I’m linking to it because it’s funny – something for everyone. Oh, and it might not work if you’re using Internet Exploder – get Firefox

Feb 13

My car has one.

Seriously – after all the snow we’ve had this year – there’s still bare pavement underneath my car. I always park it in the same place & I can feel when I’m backing in, it kind of falls into it’s groove.

Just thought you’d all like to know about the sedentary lifestyle of my automobile.

Feb 09

Fine, here’s a post. The simple explanation for my lack of posting has been my lack of excitement. These last few weeks have been pretty lackluster & I just didn’t feel excited enough about…anything.

Yesterday was cool though. I’ve been allowed to work at home on the new TV station project for Augustana. That’s right – I’m building a frickin’ TV station. It uses Apple’s Quartz Composer to let me do awesome graphics stuff without having to write operating system level code. So far I’ve been able to mix together an RSS aggregator, an image slideshow (complete with Ken Burns’ Effect), and a cool gradient background. In summary, I rock.

One thing that pissed me off is the fact that the “Stopwatch” patch pretty much doesn’t work. For the uninitiated, the “Stopwatch patch” is supposed to be a simple counter that I can tell to reset from time to time. Trouble is, when I tell it to reset, it bloody doesn’t. So, I built my own. Note: If you’re not interested in this stuff, feel free to skip to the bottom of the post – this paragraph is pretty much just to increase my SEO in case other people are having this problem.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with:

Quartz Composer custom stop watch

I should mention this only works in Leopard, as the “Sample & Hold” patch doesn’t exist in Jaguar.

So, how it work is, the stopwatch starts at 0 & doesn’t stop. The “Reset” input receives a signal every X seconds. So let’s say at 10 seconds, the reset signal is sent, which then forwards on to the “Sample & Hold” patch. At that instant, it grabs what the “Stop Watch” patch is sending out, holds on to it, and forwards it on to the “Math” patch. The “Math” patch then takes the 10 seconds, and subtracts it from whatever the “Stop Watch” patch is sending out. This effectively resets the count – at 11 seconds, the match patch takes the 11 seconds the “Stop Watch” patch is sending out, subtracts the 10 seconds that the “Sample & Hold” patch is sending out, and comes up with 1. Voila! A stop watch is born.

Man I hope someone in need of a Stop Watch patch in Leopard reads this or I just hella bored some people.


2 new songs I found this week that have been in pretty much constant rotation:

Deadmau5 – Jaded
Morgan Page feat. Lissie – Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)

As you might have guessed, I’m a bit of a Deadmau5 fan (pronounced Deadmouse). He’s a Canadian boy & he’s taken the electronic music scene by storm, so head on over to beatport & buy his stuff.