Jan 20

Usually I want to try and wait until I have something worthy to put here before I post. But the adoring fans pleaded for a post anyway so here it goes. (well, to be honest I hadn’t realized how long it has been since my last post. Really though, nothing much has happened).

« rant »

IM names are not the place for propoganda. When I look in my Adium/MSN/Chat list, I expect to see a list of people I know. I’ll even allow nicknames. But it is NOT ok to put a whole freakin’ run-on sentence in that little window, to share an insight or message to the world. That’s what blogs are for. That’s why I have one (among other reasons). Go here and make one & tell the world how much you like this or hate that – because honestly, yes you’re my friend & I care if you’re having a particularly crappy or wonderful day, but in my IM list I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!

« /rant »

And since it’s been sooooooo long (insert rolling eyes here), I present 2 of my favourite funny cat pictures of the last while:

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  1. kristybruce says:

    Uh… that’s why they are called personal messages… that’s what their purpose IS.

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