Jan 07

I’m going to stop announcing these – you all know what they are:

In other news, I saw Sunshine (IMDB | Official Site) on the weekend. I highly recommend it. One of the main things that annoys me in movies is when you’ve got character A acting like you’d expect character A to act, then suddenly he/she does something COMPLETELY OUT OF CHARACTER. Like, say me acting like me & then all of the sudden giving a shit about dogs. Where did that come from? From weak writing – that’s where. Sunshine has none of that. Really strong characters – strong in that they’re consistent both throughout the movie with how they’ve been introduced, and consistent with the kind of context they’re in.

All things being said though, I can’t give this a 100% because there were some holes (well, the whole premise of the movie is one by physics hole), but I didn’t realize them until I dwelled on the movie a bit. Throughout the movie I was engrossed & entertained.

Some pretty kick ass effects too.


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