Dec 27

Usually I don’t dream in such a way that I can remember. However, last night I had multiple dreams with the same theme – I was going to be publicly executed by electrocution. I don’t know what the hell for, or why the hell I didn’t try to run away. It seemed to be little more than a conversation piece for everyone – even me. It was almost like The Lottery, but it wasn’t not spoken about. There was also a chance for me to be acquitted of whatever charges required me to be electrocuted. It seemed like a 50/50 chance & the chance was determined by some mysterious powers-that-be.

So… anyone believe in dream interpretation, cuz this is weirding me out.

Dec 26

I installed the latest edition of OS X (Leopard) tonight. The OS is pretty slick. What isn’t slick though is the fact that it jumps from Apache 1.3 to 2, so all the conf files & such are stored in /usr/local/apache2/ rather than /usr/local/httpd.

If you’re trying to install the PHP5 binary from, I strongly recommend following the instructions here (Quoted instructions in the second entry). They worked for me.

In other news, Christmas came & went, and New Year’s is just around the corner. God willing, my celebrating will have a better ending than it did last year (let’s just leave it at that)

Dec 18

Why do you have to be so prevalent?  I just went to Mark’s Work Wearhouse & had to search through …. 10 stacks of pants (probably all together about 6 or 7 feet) before I found 1 – 1! – pair that was my size.  If there weren’t so many of you people tipping the curve, people like me would find it much easier to be stylin’. 

In completely unrelated news – see if you can find a copy of the November issue of Time.  It looks like it has a funny picture of the Iranian president.  I haven’t been able to find a good copy to put up here & I’ve only seen a small copy, so I may be on crack – but look it up if you get the chance.

Dec 17

funny pictures

Dec 17


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