May 03

Very few songs this month.

The Frames – Rise: A very quiet, but soulful song.  I think it’d be considered Folk.  I’m not sure where I heard it – at the tail end of a Castle episode I think.

Tenacious D – Master Exploder

The Japanese Popstars – Song For Lisa (Benny Benassi Remix)

Adele, MobyExtreme Ways In The Deep (DJ Y alias JY Mashup):  This song can’t be downloaded as an MP3 anywhere.  This DJ took Moby’s Extreme Ways and put the vocals from Adele’s Rolling In The Deep on top.  The link is to the video (which is also a mashup), that I had to download, rip apart, and transcode in order to get to an MP3 version.

May 03

Courtesy: The Chive

Apr 13

Here’s the music for March.  I’m going to start posting incrementally rather than all at a time, so I post more regularly & make it less of a chore.

Jono Grant, Mike Koglin – Sequential
Bart Claessen – 90 Nights Of Summer
Zack Roth – Sliver of Blue (Mike Saint-Jules Planet Bounce Mix)
Maor Levi – Devotion
Evol Waves – Everything In Its Right Place
Dresden, Johnston feat. Nadia Ali & Mikael Johnston – That Day (Myon & Shane 54 Club Mix)
Cirez D – Full Stop
Whiteroom feat. Amy Cooper – Someday (Gai Barone Remix)
Ad Brown feat. Kerry Leva – Memorial (You Were Loved) (Maor Levi Club Mix)
Cressida feat. Roxanne Barton – Heart On My Sleeve (Kyau & Albert Remix)
Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Nadia Ali – Call My Name (After Hours Mix)
Nitrous Oxide feat. Aneym – Follow You (Maor Levi Remix)
Sied Van Riel – Mentalism
DJ Tim, Fady Ferraye – Blue World
Ali Wilson – Become One
Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun (From the Into The Wild soundtrack)
Mark Knight, Tiesto feat. Dino – Beautiful World
Wippenberg – Phoenix
Rex Mundi – Valley of Dreams
Spooky – Belong (Sasha Involver Remix (Prankster Edit))
David Tort feat. Gosha – One Look (Axwell vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Instrumental Mix)
Fedde Le Grand – Control Room
The Japanese Popstars – Song For Lisa

Mar 02

The first 5 are non EDM tracks.  Something for everyone in this list.

Mos Def – Quiet Dog
Kinky – Hasta Quemarnos
Bon Iver – Blood Bank
The xx – Intro
The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger
Michael Cassette – Memories (90′s Piano Mix)
Prok & Fitch – Walk With Me (Axwell vs. Daddys Groove Remix)
Steve Brian – Vueltas (Album version)
Patric La Funk, DBN – Inside Out (Inpetto Remix)
Oza – Duke Can’t Come Home!
Tucandeo – Lockdown
Mauro Picotto, Daniele Papini – Gonna Get Ya (Marcel Woods Remix)
Moonbeam – Breathless (Ben Preston Remix)
Protoculture – Early Bird (Max Graham Mix)
Stars on 45 – Stars on 45 (Olav Basoski Remix)
M.I.K.E. – The Art Of Love (Protoculture Remix)

Mar 02

I saw a post on theChive‘s sister site theBerry with a bunch of cool portraits by Martin Schoeller of celebrities, athletes, musicians, and a few other people that are probably famous but weren’t ringing any bells for me.  They were relatively high-res, so I’ve compiled 9 of the ones I thought were coolest and I’m going to print them off as a poster:


The post with more photos is here.

Mar 02

Let me preface this post by saying yes, I know I should spread out these blog entries so as to keep the interest level up – but I’m not really a prolific writer – just be glad you get these rare glimpses into the mind of one so wonderful.


Joke #1

There’s a Marine, an Airforce Commando, a Navy Seal and a Green Beret sitting around a campfire telling each-other how mean and tough they are.

The Marine says “I can swim 50 miles and bite the head off a live chicken. One Marine is worth 5 other men.”

The Airforce Commando says “I can clear runways one-handed and kill a man with my bare hands. One Airforce Commando is worth 10 other men.”

The Navy Seal says “Yeah? Well I can dive up to 90 feet without air, and I’m an expert in demolitions. One Navy Seal is worth 13 other men.”

The Green Beret just sat there all this time saying nothing, stirring the fire with his dick.


Joke #2

A mathematician and an engineer are sitting beside each other on a plane.  The mathematician turns & says to the engineer, “Let’s play a game – a battle of wits.  I’ll ask you a question, and if you can’t answer it you give me $5.  You ask me a question, and if I can’t answer it I’ll give you $5″.

The engineer politely declines, thinking a silly competition like this is beneath him.

“Fine,” says the mathematician, “for every question you can’t answer, you still give me $5, but for every question I get wrong, I’ll give you $50″.

The engineer quickly agrees.

“Ok I’ll go first” says the mathematician.  “What is the distance between the Earth and the Moon?”.

The engineer quietly pulls out his wallet and gives the mathematician $5.

Smiling, the mathematician says, “Ok, now your turn”.

“What goes up a hill with 4 legs, but come downs with 3″, asks the engineer.

The mathematician thinks for a minute.  Thinks for another minute.  Then pulls out his laptop & starts searching the Internet.  The engineer tucks into his chair for a nap.

An hour later he’s woken by the mathematician.  “Here’s your $50.  I have no idea what the answer is.  What goes up a hill with 4 legs but comes down with 3?!?”.

The engineer pulls out his wallet, puts the mathematician’s $50 in his wallet, pulls out another $5 and hands it to the mathematician.


Mar 02

Pretty thing with the brain of a guppy – this is for you:


As usual, courtesy of the Chive

Feb 17

Feb 10

Overall, pretty good.  I got sick as a result, but I managed to stay healthy while down there – which was the important part.

I didn’t take a boatload of pictures, because there were 4 other cameras in my little group, and I didn’t think it necessary to document every small think multiple times.  I’m glad others did though.

That said, I took a bunch of photos when we visited Chichen Itza.  You can see them here.

Feb 10

It seems I forgot to post the new music I got in December, so this one’s a double dose.

Mango – Here We Go
Morgan Page feat. Jan Burton – I’ve Had Friends (Jean Elan Extended Remix)
Arnej – For The People
Blackfeel Wite, Da Fresh – Angel (Moonbeam Remix)
Moonbeam feat. Blackfeel Wite – Song For A Girl (Moguai Remix) Can’t link to this one right now as Beatport is being a bitch
Santos – Endless
Swedish House Mafia – One
Axwell – Nothing But Love (Remode)
Gramatik – In This Whole World
M.I.K.E – Unity (NYC Nights Theme 2010)
Netsky feat. Jenna G – Moving With You
Everything But The Girl – Missing (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
Vinny Troia – Do For Love
Michael Woods – Dynamik
Ned Shepard – Chromatic
Simon Patterson – Mood Swing
David Gausa, David Tort, Thomas Gold – Areena (Dirty South Mix)
Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton – Empire (Mike Shiver’s Garden State Mix)
Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – My Enemy (Club Mix)
Mos Def – Quiet Dog (this one’s not EDM – more of a funky rap)
Kinky – Hasta Quemarnos (Also not EDM)
Bon Iver – Blood Bank (Again with the not EDM)
The xx – Intro (and again)
Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger
Michael Cassette – Memories (90′s Piano Mix)
Prok & Fitch – Walk With Me (Axwell vs. Daddys Groove Remix)